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This Is What Makes My Heart Sing

I was in a training course this past weekend, called “Power and Contribution”.  It is one of the Landmark Education training courses that looks at what each person’s unique contribution is, and designs a step-by-step action plan, measures, and strategies to realize the person’s vision on a global level.  

On my flight home, I became aware that there were hundreds of passengers on board with me, and I knew none of them. I could not help but sense the impossibility of having a vision that could impact 7 billion people’s lives…“ME? Who am I kidding? Who is going to listen to what I have to say? I am just a Nanny.”  

“I am really not the one,” I said to myself. I felt this uneasiness, and suddenly I had a flash back of a little girl standing in a murky room.

I was six years old, standing in a room filled up with boxes of old newspaper, and magazines that my father had purposely put away. My attention was caught on a magazine article with a picture of a well groomed handsome man. I heard my father and other adults mention his name during many gatherings in the house, but they would never explain what happened to him when I asked. Imagine how nervous and excited I was. I thought I had found the answer to my wonder. Not knowing what I would discover, I started to read about him. 

The man was an attorney who defended someone that was imprisoned due to political opposition. He was warned many times concerning his and his family’s safety. One afternoon, while he was arrested in his office, his mother and twin daughters were brutally killed. His wife and his older daughter were severely injured. The man was not permitted to attend his own mother’s funeral. He was then sentenced to jail for 30 years, and was not allowed to have any visitors. 

I could not believe what I read.

I was sickened.


How could the world let this happen to a man who stood for human rights?  To a little six-year-old, the world was no longer a safe place for self-expression and for seeking truth.

Suddenly, I realized what my life is for. The seed was planted the day I read that article. It was a dream of a six-year-old girl that all she wanted is for people to be free to speak and free to be, that people are known and honored for their passion and self-expression, that people are profoundly related and connected regardless how different we appear to be. 

Could this be something too big to dream? No. Could it be too big to make happen? It would if I was a little six-year-old girl.

Someone once said to me, “What if being a leader is answering the knock from the Eternal? Like you are stepping out to answer it, and being led by what makes your heart sing?”

I am willing to be the one that follows what makes my heart sing!! 

Now, it’s your turn to answer the knock….  What makes your heart sing?