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It was about 4:15pm in the afternoon. I was watching “Oprah”about a young man named, “Kyle Maynard.”  He was born with a rare birth defect that caused him without arms and legs.  What moved me the most is who his parents are– the unreasonable stand for Kyle to be who he can be in the world.  They never give up on what is possible, and are committed that Kyle will have a great life. Not that he would be a millionaire, live in a mansion, or drive a fancy race car; but a life with power, freedom, and full self-expression under any circumstances at any time. That is what a parent of a child with special needs can do for you.

A parent who have a child with special needs is truly special and extraordinary.  A few years ago, I was privilege to meet with several of them.  I got to work with them and created a community project together, called “DreamCatcher”.  They were invited to create a story about their dreams for their children, and the essence of their children.

At the time, my intention was to publish those stories as a bound book, in newspaper, or in parenting magazines. However, I got distracted by what was happening during that time of my life (new job, well-being issues). Now, six years later, I find that this blog might be just the PERFECT place to tell the stories….

A consent for release of information was given to those who submit the story. You can quickly find those stories under “Category: Life Stories”.

Happy reading….



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